Introducing Banzan

Introducing Banzan

Founded in 2007, Shanghai Banzan Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd. engages in the research, development, production, and sales of functional polymer materials. It is a state-supported, high-tech enterprise.

Banzan functional polymer materials applications are widespread, including municipal engineering, food packaging, mining & oil field production, and aerospace. Banzan aims to provide customers with products that are corrosion-resistant, safe, durable, and reliable. From materials R&D to applications, we have won customer accolades for our thorough research and trustworthy pragmatism. Over the last decade, Banzan has become an influential brand both at home and abroad.  

Banzan is a high-quality supplier of adhesive resin for composite piping in China. Our comprehensive technology and solutions in pipeline adhesives serve nearly one thousand clients in thirty-one domestic markets. Moreover, Banzan has established close ties with customers in Asia, Europe, and America, and we are well on our way to becoming a valuable global enterprise internationally. In addition to construction projects for the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, the Beijing Capital International Airport, the West-East Gas Pipeline, and the Sino-Russian Oil Pipeline, we are part of major aircraft and European solar power station programs, giving us a wealth of experience in servicing customers around the world.


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