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万博登录_万博manbetx官网app_万博manbetx官网手机版 - Fusion bonded epoxy powder coating (FBE)

  • FBE is a non-toxic, thermoset powder coating. Once cured, it forms a high molecular weight cross-linked coating. It protects pipelines from corrosion and has relatively high mechanical performance. It has been designed for superior abrasion resistance and adhesive strength. Banzan FBE adheres well on metals. The coating provides tough mechanical properties such as high pencil hardness, scratch resistance, anti-corrosion, low melt viscosity, and flow efficiency. Thes coatings do not have pinholes or shrinkage.

    This product is mainly used on electrical cabinets, electrical instrument dashboards; decorative protection for silicon metal boxes, insulation protection for electric rotors or copper busbars, kitchen appliances, automotive parts, shipping, building materials, and anti-corrosive underground facilities such as standpipes.


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